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The Morseall Project

Have you ever wanted to control your linux box using Morse Code?  I wrote this program after imagining what it must be like to be trapped in your own body without being able to use a keyboard or mouse.

The latest versions of Morseall support RedHat Linux 8.0! Morseall-0.4.X was completely rewritten to support the Gnome2 environment. It still has some kinks, but it supports some massive new features like mouse control. You will be able to surf the web and use other graphical applications with only a single mouse button as input!

a screen capture of morseall on Redhat 8.0
The Morseall Project

a screen capture of older morseall on Redhat 7.2
The Morseall Project

Morseall is my major open-source project. The other area I like to contribute is in helping other projects to package their software for distribution. It is relatively easy for one person to make a measurable difference by helping projects to "just work" on their chosen platform.

Coercive Mirroring

Around the time that Bit Torrent and other interesting content peering protocols were spinging up, I wrote a specification for coercing people into mirroring the content on a website. The difference beween Coercive Mirroring and other approaches was that Coercive Mirroring was simple enough that a person could execute the client side of the protocol.  The protocol was designed to be so human-readable that an admin could easily follow the instructions, setting up a content mirror and be granted access to additional content as a result.

Here are the  reasons for using content peering in general.
Many artists can't afford to serve up gigabytes of data on the internet. Most ISPs put a limit on the amount of data traffic to keep low-cost accounts from swamping their networks with traffic. Consumer broadband service means that consumers will have the capacity to serve an intermediate quantity of data, but not enough to serve millions of users from a single account. By coercing consumers into mirroring content, artist can have their works automatically mirrored while still retaining control over availability and version. 
Coercive Mirroring spec