Morseall - a Morse Code user interface

Morseall allows people with limited mobility to use a computer.
Morseall is free software, distrubuted under a licese that guarantees future availability.

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  1. Anyone who can press a switch can use Morseall!
  2. You can go faster if you can control two or three buttons
  3. An Iambic Keyer is available for ultra-fast coding
  4. Audio feedback is given for each dot and dash
  5. Characters can be read aloud as they are typed for verification
  6. It works with a standard mouse! No custom hardware needed.
  7. On-line help is always visible for looking up codes
  8. Takes over the mouse so disabled users can maintain control.
  9. Code Timing is adjustable from within the program (seven dots=faster)
  10. A Configuration file allows you to set defaults (/etc/morseall.conf)
  11. A Reset feature helps users recover if the terminal gets stuck
  12. Visual feedback on your morse code timing as you key it
  13. Morseall is Free Software, Licensed under the GNU GPL

Morseall for Rehabilitaiton

One of our users operated Morseall with a chin swich. After significant, he recovered control over one finger. A rehabilitation specialist was able to position a mouse in his hand. The mouse was secured with a Velcro wrap to hold it in position. Morseall is an ideal solution for maintenance-free long term computer use.

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